"By mid 2001, our ability to retire had disappeared and we had decided to move to a cash position and at least save what we had left.  The company was doing fine and the prospects for recovery looked good.  Then September 11, 2001.  My company lost all sources of revenue.  When those planes hit the pentagon and the virtual “cornerstone of finance” in New York City…………….everything stopped accept the over head costs for running our company.  Over the subsequent years I tried to make a comeback by continuing to invest our diminishing resources in the company.
So here we are.  We sold our dream home and moved  as we sought to cut costs and recover.  It seemed that every day was a disappointing day.  To many those days would qualify as a bonified disasters. Not at all.  Every day is just another day in a life of up’s and down’s and I know that in just a few minutes…….I will walk with with my bride of 44 years.
You see, I love Pam.  I trust her.  She has been my rock. Pam and I have been walking together almost every day of our 44 year marriage.  This evening will be no different.  The work day is over and we have slipped on our shorts, tee shirts and sneakers and will embark on one of the most intimate 45 minutes that 2 people can have.  We will be outdoors…no TV, no telephones, no bills, no critics and no disasters.  Just Pam and I."
This site is for you. Pam and I have 3 special and sacred practices that have guaranteed our unconditional reverence towards each other for the last 40 years and we want to share them with you…………….for better. 

The WhiSPePrinciples
.......how the faint the whisper we hear of Him!  Who then can understand the thunder of His power?
                                              Job 26:14